The “Captain’s Cabin” Pub & Restaurant

To all our valued guests. Kindly be advised that all our meals are prepared as per order as nothing is pre-made. Good food takes time to prepare for your satisfaction. We also have a range of beers, ciders, spirits, wine and cocktails. Ask your waitron for more details on these.

The Captain’s Cabin Pub and Restaurant

The Captain’s Cabin is named in honour of the founder of “Cremorne”, Captain Sidney Turner who died here on September 15th 1901 and whose gravesite is in the grounds below the pool deck.

Sydney Turner immigrated to South Africa from Norflok on the east coast of England as a 16 year old boy in 1864. He led a checkered and exciting life of adventure and enterprise. Some of his exploits included farming, fishing, prospecting, storekeeping and transport riding. He has the distinction of being the first man to attempt salvaging one of South Africa’s most famous Wrecks,  the East Indianman “Grosvenor” which sank on the 4th August 1782 at Lambasi Bay 50km north of Port St John’s, from which he recovered many coins and cannons.

Eventually the property was purchased for renovating and developing in 1995 with ongoing improvements this now proudly is the property known as Cremorne that you are currently experiencing.

We would appreciate any input that you may have which will assist us to achieving our aim of producing the highest quality of service hospitality at this unique and wonderful destination.